How to Activate Facebook Timeline for your FB profile....!!!!

New Feature on Facebook: Introducing Facebook Timeline....

Just follow below few steps and activate you time line just now. It will be new experience for you....Hurry up. It is amazing.

Step 1: Login to your facebook account as usual.

Step 2: Type the word "Developer" on facebook search bar and click the first result or follow this link 
If you directed to below screen, then click allow.

Step 3: On the next screen, click "Create New App" button on top of the right hand corner on your screen (refer below screenshot)


Step 4: Then you will be directed to below screen.Type anything as your wish inside those two text boxes and click the below check box and click "continue".

Step 5: Then you will be directed to next step and at this page there is a tab "Open Graph" on you left hand side on the screen(refer below screenshot).

Step 6: Then you will see below screen and, type anything as your wish inside the text boxes (highlighted fields with red color on the image) and click "Get Started"

Step 7: On this screen, do nothing and click "Save changes and Next"button.
 Follow this step Twice continunosly. (refer below screenshot)

Step 8: After completion of Step 7 twice, you will be directed to final window. click on "Finish" button to finish the wizard.

Congratulations!!! You've almost done.
Wait little time and go back to your facebook home page, you will see a box like below screenshot. Hit on "Get it Now" button. 

That's all. Hope you all enjoy well. Cheers!!!!

Below is a video Tutorial for you.

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